Discover the Obscape range

Integrated measurement systems developed with precision and expertise

The team at Obscape takes care to ensure that each of their products is expertly crafted and share the same core characteristics.


Wave measurements are an indispensable part of any MetOcean or Limnology project. The Obscape Wave Buoy is based on recent advances in solar power, sensor and data technology, ensuring a rugged, light-weight, reliable and affordable wave buoy.

Water Level Gauge

Obscape’s Level Gauge delivers real-time water level measurements. It records the water level using a highly accurate radar sensor. Since the instrument is mounted above the water surface, deploying it in the field is easy.

Time-Lapse Camera

Obscape’s Time-Lapse Camera is a robust, fully wireless solution that delivers time-lapse images to your desktop in real-time. It allows you to have a look at your area of interest at any time of the day, wherever you are.

HQ Time-Lapse Camera

Obscape’s HQ Time-Lapse Camera is ideally suited for long-term visual monitoring of gradually evolving processes, such as beach and river morphology, littering of surface waters or construction works.

Weather Station

Obscape’s Weather Station supplies you with real-time weather data. and was designed for continuous deployment in harsh climates, which means there are no moving parts to fail.

Rain Gauge

Obscape’s Rain Gauge delivers real-time rainfall measurements. Its industry-standard rain collector is connected to Obscape’s Power and Telemetry Module to create a completely wireless real-time rain gauge.

Conductivity Temperature Station

Obscape’s CT Station is the ideal all-in-one solution for real-time conductivity,
temperature and salinity measurements. It combines the robust Obscape Power & Telemetry Module with a low-maintenance toroidal CT probe.

Together they form a CT Station that is unchallenged in its ease of use.
Whether you are monitoring aquatic habitats, estuarine hydrodynamics
or salt intrusion, the Obscape CT Station will suit your needs.

Data Portal

Real-time data from all your Obscape sensors will be collected into the Obscape Data Portal, your gateway to the field. The convenient map-based interface allows for integral management of your data, devices and operations. Click below for demonstration.

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