Moorings and Beacons

Our specialist partners in this area

We are able to offer a growing range of items used to make deploying and protecting moorings simpler, and more capable, along with specialist moorings themselves.

This group of partners offer the very best solutions for your mooring needs.

Elkins Oceanic Sercvices Ltd

Elkins Oceanic Services Ltd are precision engineers specialising in underwater mechanical technology. Their deep ocean swivels and push corers are no compromise designs for extreme environments. Elkins was purchased by Planet Ocean Ltd in July 2014 and now operate as a subsidiary of Planet Ocean Ltd from its Surrey base.

EE-1 2 and 3 Oceanographic swivels

The Elkins EE-1 EE-2 & EE-3 swivels features a rotating spindle which is located exactly within twin needle roller bearings with the inline forces being carried independently via a single heavy duty thrust race. The complete assembly is oil filled and due to its unique pressure balanced system can ensure freedom of movement even at the greatest ocean depths.

Quick-Clamp quick release instrument clamp

The Elkins QUICK-CLAMP™ is designed by the National Oceanography Centre and manufactured under license by Elkins Oceanic Services Ltd. The device allows quick installation and release of instruments on steel wire moorings which means that moorings can be wound on and off winches more quickly, saving time and money and with added safety.

PC 1 and 2 ROV push corers

The EE-PC-1 & EE-PC-2 ROV Sediment Coring Devices were designed at NOCS. They are designed to be operated by ROV’s to obtain sediment cores in shallow or deep water. Available in two standard sizes, the push corers consist of a Perspex tube, one way valve and ROV compatible handle.

EOM Offshore

EOM Offshore are a spin-out Company from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) with patented mooring solutions which solve the problems associated with getting power to and data from seabed mounted packages and surface buoys. EOM also offer LinePak acoustic release recovery system, Universal Joints for buoy moorings, and customized seabed nodes.

Stretch EM cable mooring system

The Stretch EM Cable is a compliant mooring, which is always under tension. It limits the operating circle of a surface buoy. Stretch EM Cable also provides a direct electrical connection from the surface to the seabed. This allows deployment of seabed sensors (ADCP, CTD, etc) for extended periods without the need to recover and change batteries or use complex multi leg moorings.

No-stretch em cable

EOM Offshore’s NO-Stretch EM Cable visually resembles EOM Offshore’s Stretch EM cable, and both deliver continuous real-time measurements and power. Unlike the Stretch EM cable, the NO-Stretch EM Cable is non-compliant, so it does not stretch or bend due to the inner chain built inside the marine exhaust hardwall.

Linepak marine recovery system – R2K

EOM Offshore’s LinePak-Marine Recovery System (LP-MRS) is a versatile product that can used to recover any asset located on the seafloor. ​ The LP-MRS lets the end-user be compliant with environmental laws, requiring that all mooring elements be recovered, including the anchor.

Multifunction – marine recovery system

The Multifunction Node – Marine Recovery System provides a quiet and stable platform for instrumentation. ​Ideal for any acoustic monitoring. ​ Operational expenditures are reduced since the asset may be recovered and deployed multiples times The Multifunction Node-Marine Recovery System (MFN-MRS) has customizable configurations for multiple seafloor instruments and functions as a power and communications node that can integrate with existing seafloor power grids and communication networks.

Safe moor conservation moorings

Reduce habitat destruction while using a durable, reliable and affordable mooring. Safe-Moor™ is an ecologically-friendly conservation mooring solution, with the strength and safety for all mooring scenarios Unlike conventional chain moorings, Safe-Moor™ eleminates habitat destruction and scouring.

Planet Ocean

Along with our sister Company Elkins Oceanic Services, we offer some specialist mooring technology ourselves.

Buoytracker III globalstar-GPS surface mooring monitor

BUOYTRACKER III uses the GPS satellite positioning system, together with the GLOBALSTAR low earth orbit satellite data service and allows users to check the position of their buoy or other surface asset from a web page anywhere in the world; no special software is required.

Buoytracker III – transit case

Water resistant case in Polypropylene. Holds two Buoytracker units. Built in pressure valve. External Depth – 180mm External Width- 430mm External Length – 720mm

Ellipsoid low drag subsurface buoys

Ellipsoid shaped subsurface buoy that provides a lower drag coefficient than traditional shaped spherical buoys.

TRSF-1 trawl resistant seabed frame

The TRSF-1 frame was designed to overcome the problems associated with corrosion of fabricated steel frames and to offer a level of trawl resistance.

Active-X active radar reflector

State of the art Echomax Active-X-Band Radar Target Enhancer receives a signal from transmitting radar, amplifies and returns a stronger signal. This increases the likelihood of detection reducing the risk of collision and helps to alert oncoming vessels of your position. Suitable for buoys or boats.


ROMOR Ocean Solutions provides international technical services and integrated instrumentation solutions for the ocean surveying and oceanographic industries. With more than 25 years of experience, ROMOR has the capability to bring together the technical knowledge and expertise with specialized instrumentation to provide a complete solution that has been customized to satisfy the client’s application and requirements.


The ROMOR C-ROM is an oceanographic subsurface mooring solution that offers a reliable and compact solution to mooring and recovering oceanographic instrumentation. Able to use any relase unit, and available with external rope canister, C-ROM has a wide range of internal brackets available for most sub-sea instruments.


Xeos is a leading technology firm created by visionary engineers with a passion for excellence. Xeos prides itself on a pioneer mentality, always striving to create superior technological solutions to tracking and telemetry problems. They design and manufacture application specific telemetry and data collection products for environmental researchers, wildlife researchers and operational personnel. Our customers require reliable and innovative solutions to track, monitor and control in harsh environments.

ION – submersible IRIDIUM + LED flasher combo beam

The Ion is an independently powered, self-contained mooring beacon with the power of an ultra-bright LED Flasher combined with satellite communications. The Ion’s unique copper nickel alloy design makes it resistant to bio-fouling, which can be a key factor in limiting oceanographic studies.

Apollo – submersible iridium + LED flasher combo beacon

The Apollo is an independently powered, self-contained mooring beacon with the power of an ultra-bright LED Flasher combined with IRIDIUM satellite communications. Get notification of the Apollo’s arrival at the surface from anywhere on earth.

KILO 2500m iridium sub-surface mooring marker

The KILO Subsurface Iridium Satellite Mooring Location Beacon continuously monitors for unplanned or accidental release of subsurface instrument moorings providing an emal alarm as soon as it reaches the surface, with GPS accuracy. Also available in deep (5000m) water version.

XMR, XMi-relay, XM2 – remote two way monitoring data relays

Xeos Marine Relays are versatile, rugged data transmission platforms for command and control of all your remote sensor data. Quickly and easily integrated with your data collection device, the Xeos Relays enable global data transmission in marine environments. Utilizing Iridium Short Burst Data communication, the Xeos Relays transmit data as email or over IP.

XMi-11K miniature 11,000m submersible iridium beacon

The XMi-11K is an independently powered, self contained IRIDIUM beacon that is fully submersible to 11,000m. The use of Iridium makes your assets trackable from anywhere in the world and is packaged in an all titanium enclosure with a solid state surface sensor and optional remote head.

XMF-11K miniature 11,000m submersible LED flasher

The XMF-11K is an independently powered, self-contained surface flasher that is fully submersible to 11,000m.

XMA-11k miniature 11,000m submersible argos satellite beacon

The XMA -11K is an independently powered, self contained Argos beacon that is fully submersible to 11,000m.

XMB-11k miniature 11,000m submersible VHF beacon

The XMB-11K is an independently powered, self-contained RF beacon that is fully submersible to 11,000 m. The depth rating on this beacon will take you wherever you need to go under any ocean. This beacon has been designed to protect your valuable assets and make their recovery even easier.

Onyx OEM miniature iridium PTT

The Onyx is an Iridium based remote tracking platform specifically designed for simultaneous tracking of multiple assets. Combining global communication capabilities through the Iridium network, Available as either OEM or fully encased.