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Discover the Star-Oddi range

Small data loggers for aquatic environments, for short and long term oceanographic research.

Submersible and implantable temperature loggers measuring: temperature, depth (pressure), salinity (conductivity), tilt, activity, heart rate and magnetic field strength.

DST Conductivity, temperature, depth logger.

The Star-Oddi DST CTD & DST CT are miniature (15mm x 46mm) salinity loggers. Shown here with optional PUR holder, these instruments transfer data via an inductive reader unit.

DST Centi temperature and depth logger

The Star-Oddi DST centi-T is a small submersible data logger with a temperature sensor. Recorded data is stored in its internal memory with a real-time clock reference for each measurement. Aslo available as Centi -TD, Temperature & Depth.

DST Milli temperature and depth logger

The Star-Oddi DST milli-T is a small (12.5mm x 38.4mm) waterproof data logger measuring temperature or temperature & depth.

DST Micro temperature and depth logger

The Star-Oddi DST micro-TD is an ultra miniature (25mm long) submersible data logger (archival tag) that measures and records temperature and pressure (depth). Recorded data is stored in the logger‘s internal memory with a real time reference for each measurement.

The Star-Oddi DST nano-T is the world’s smallest (6mm x 17mm) temperature data logger. Recorded data is stored in the logger‘s internal memory with a real time clock reference for each measurement. Also available as DST-NanoTD with temperature and depth.

Starmon-TD temperature and depth recorder

The robust temperature and depth data logger, Starmon TD, is designed to withstand harsh conditions and long-term deployment subsea. The logger is durable with its robust and non-corrosive housing. Recorded data is stored in the logger‘s internal memory with a time stamp for each measurement.

Starmon-compass pitch, roll, heading, 3D acceleration, temperature, pressure

Star-Oddi. Together with Scripps in the US, they have developed the Starmon Compass. This is a small (197 mm length x 40 mm dia) lightweight sensor pack that can record pitch, roll heading, 3D acceleration, pressure/depth and temperature.

Starmon-mini temperature recorder

Starmon mini is a underwater temperature recorder designed for use in oceans, rivers, and lakes. Starmon mini records the temperature at preset intervals and stores the data into solid state memory under the control of a microprocessor.

DST Pitch and Roll

DST pitch and roll measures additionally to temperature and depth, relative pitch and roll movements of the DST, with reference to the earth gravity. The measuring parameters are measuring the gravity movements in two directions.

DST Magnetic

The Star-Oddi DST magnetic is a small data logger / archival tag that measures and records earth’s magnetic field strength (in three directions), tilt (in three directions), acceleration, temperature and depth.

Comm Box Data reader

The Star-Oddi Comm Box is required, along with SeaStar software to set up and download data from the DST tags. A different box is required for each size of DST.

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