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Discover the Seaview range

SeaView Systems specialises in inertial wave sensing technology for ROVs, AUVs, and buoys.

SeaView Systems provides a broad range of ROV “Solutions in Depth” from services including inspection and survey for tunnels and offshore assets to underwater custom tooling in the U.S. and worldwide.

SVS-603 OEM Inertial Wave Sensor

The SVS-603 Wave Height Sensor is a highly accurate MEMS-based sensor that reports heading, wave height, wave period and wave direction via RS-232 or logs to its on-board data logger.

u-Wave-II intertial wave sensor

u-Wave-II Inertial Wave Height Sensor is a +5v to 30v ,low powered (150mW@12v) wave sensor that reports heading, significant wave height, dominant wave period, dominant wave direction, maximum wave height and maximum period via RS-232.

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