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Discover the EOM Offshore range

Providers of compliant moorings for power and data, mooring design, and Safe Moor - conservation mooring

The EOM Offshore team has decades of combined experience in mooring design, on-board operations and logistics, and oceanographic solutions spanning the global ocean.

Stretch EM cable mooring system

The Stretch EM Cable is a compliant mooring, which is always under tension. It limits the operating circle of a surface buoy. Stretch EM Cable also provides a direct electrical connection from the surface to the seabed. This allows deployment of seabed sensors (ADCP, CTD, etc) for extended periods without the need to recover and change batteries or use complex multi leg moorings.

No-stretch em cable

EOM Offshore’s NO-Stretch EM Cable visually resembles EOM Offshore’s Stretch EM cable, and both deliver continuous real-time measurements and power. Unlike the Stretch EM cable, the NO-Stretch EM Cable is non-compliant, so it does not stretch or bend due to the inner chain built inside the marine exhaust hardwall.

Linepak marine recovery system – R2K

EOM Offshore’s LinePak-Marine Recovery System (LP-MRS) is a versatile product that can used to recover any asset located on the seafloor. ​ The LP-MRS lets the end-user be compliant with environmental laws, requiring that all mooring elements be recovered, including the anchor.

Multifunction – marine recovery system

The Multifunction Node – Marine Recovery System provides a quiet and stable platform for instrumentation. ​Ideal for any acoustic monitoring. ​ Operational expenditures are reduced since the asset may be recovered and deployed multiples times The Multifunction Node-Marine Recovery System (MFN-MRS) has customizable configurations for multiple seafloor instruments and functions as a power and communications node that can integrate with existing seafloor power grids and communication networks.

Safe moor conservation moorings

Reduce habitat destruction while using a durable, reliable and affordable mooring. Safe-Moor™ is an ecologically-friendly conservation mooring solution, with the strength and safety for all mooring scenarios Unlike conventional chain moorings, Safe-Moor™ eleminates habitat destruction and scouring.

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