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The surest measure of a changing world.

Planet Ocean is proud to represent some of the world’s leading, “gold standard” scientific instrument manufacturers and we bring you the very best from each of their specialist areas of expertise.

Radar wave sensor – UPS and telemetry system

A key requirement at very remote locations is data availability and independence of both the power supply and telemetry systems. The RADAC WaveGuide is a very robust package mechanically and electrically. Data are available via an integral Ethernet port.

Buoytracker III globalstar-GPS surface mooring monitor

BUOYTRACKER III uses the GPS satellite positioning system, together with the GLOBALSTAR low earth orbit satellite data service and allows users to check the position of their buoy or other surface asset from a web page anywhere in the world; no special software is required.

Buoytracker III – transit case

Water resistant case in Polypropylene. Holds two Buoytracker units. Built in pressure valve. External Depth – 180mm External Width- 430mm External Length – 720mm

u-Wave-II inertial wave sensor

u-Wave-II Inertial Wave Height Sensor is a +5v to 30v ,low powered (150mW@12v) wave sensor that reports heading, significant wave height, dominant wave period, dominant wave direction, maximum wave height and maximum period via RS-232.

Acoustibuoy – passive acoustic monitoring (PAM) buoy

Acoustibuoy, is a Passive Acoustic Monitoring Buoy (PAM) designed to utilise the special features of ic-Listen, Smart Hydrophones to monitor, record and display acoustic data in realtime. Used for ship noise measurements, marine mammal monitoring, underwater noise studies or general acoustic studies.

MetBuoy – meteorologica monitoring buoy

MetBuoy is designed to monitor, record and display wind speed & direction togehter with meteorological data in our full range of data buoy platforms or as a land, jetty or building based installation. Powered by TRISKEL Marine, data telemetry modules.

Turbibuoy – dredge monitoring buoy

Turbibuoy is designed to monitor, record and display turbidity data in support of water quality monitoring or dredge monitoring operations. One or two, Analite or YSI sensors may be deployed. Turbibuoy allows users to enter their own calibration curve to convert NTU to mg/L.

Minibuoy OEM data buoy

The smallest in our data buoy range, MINIBUOY is designed for sheltered water operations, and can carry 5W or 10W solar panels. Minibuoy is tough, lightweight and easily deployed and recovered. When fitted with our DBT-3 telemetry, operation is completely autonomous, with no user controls, or set up required at the buoy.


The MB-07 is the latest rotationally moulded mooring marker buoy. This buoy is primarily designed for use in inshore coastal applications. Shown as a marker buoy it is normally supplied in yellow although green and red lateral marks are available.

DB-125 OEM data buoy

The DB-125, 1.25m dia data buoy system is designed for sheltered water operations to 50m depth where instrumentation is required to be deployed near the surface and can be used as a permanent or temporary platform.

DB-XXX OEM data buoys animation

This animation shows how the DB range of data buoys offer a huge range of configurations and features to suit most applications.

DB-XXX OEM data buoys

The DB-XXX range of buoys covers the 1.8, to 3.6m diameter and are designed for open water applications where instrumentation is required to be deployed near the surface and can be used as a permanent or temporary platform.

DB-360 OEM data buoy

The DB-360 is the largest in the current range of Data Buoy Hulls available from planet Ocean. The 3.6m diameter platform houses batteries in the hull in a water tight compartment, lowering the CofG and providing a very stable platform for open ocean use.

DBT-4 telemetry module

Used in our DB & Minibuoy range of data buoy hullsThe DBT-4 telemetry systems provide the link between sensor and desk for simple implementation of remote, pseudo-real-time telemetry on data buoys or other remote locations. Systems are available using radio, cellular and satellite telemetry.

Ellipsoid low drag subsurface buoys

Ellipsoid shaped subsurface buoy that provides a lower drag coefficient than traditional shaped spherical buoys.

TRSF-1 trawl resistant seabed frame

The TRSF-1 frame was designed to overcome the problems associated with corrosion of fabricated steel frames and to offer a level of trawl resistance.

icListen battery pack

This is an alkaline battery pack for use with icListen-LF smart hydrophones. It is pressure rated for use at 60m. It has a capacity of 290 WH giving 120 days endurance. Provided with 0.5m cable with underwater connectors and a eye fixing to one end to faciliate deployment.

Active-X active radar reflector

State of the art Echomax Active-X-Band Radar Target Enhancer receives a signal from transmitting radar, amplifies and returns a stronger signal. This increases the likelihood of detection reducing the risk of collision and helps to alert oncoming vessels of your position. Suitable for buoys or boats.

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