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Discover the Elkins range

Elkins Oceanographic is a subsidiary of Planet Ocean Ltd and manufacture precision equipment for seabed coring, oceanographic swivels and mounting instruments on moorings.

Discover our range of oceanographic mooring swivels and clamps.

EE-1 Deep Oceanographic swivels

The Elkins EE-1 swivel features a rotating spindle which is located exactly within twin needle roller bearings with the inline forces being carried independently via a single heavy duty thrust race. The complete assembly is oil filled and due to its unique pressure balanced system can ensure freedom of movement even at the greatest ocean depths.

Quick-Clamp quick release instrument clamp

The Elkins QUICK-CLAMP™ is designed by the National Oceanography Centre and manufactured under license by Elkins Oceanic Services Ltd. The device allows quick installation and release of instruments on steel wire moorings which means that moorings can be wound on and off winches more quickly, saving time and money and with added safety.

PC 1 and 2 ROV push corers

The EE-PC-1 & EE-PC-2 ROV Sediment Coring Devices were designed at NOCS. They are designed to be operated by ROV’s to obtain sediment cores in shallow or deep water. Available in two standard sizes, the push corers consist of a Perspex tube, one way valve and ROV compatible handle.

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