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Discover the Fluidion range

Fluidion, autonomous in-situ and portable measurement solutions

providing autonomous in-situ sampling and measurement solutions for environmental monitoring and water quality applications: sample collection, chemical measurements, microbiological analysis.

Rapid sampler 14

The RS-14 system collects samples (14 bottles) in the harshest environments and under the most unforgiving weather conditions. The sampler is highly resilient, resists shocks and severe outdoor exposure, can float on water or be submersed. It can be used near shore, attached to a buoy or deployed from a vessel and can be triggered on demand from a cell phone or a secure web interface. You can also easily pre-program time series samples from a cell phone or computer USB port, or use the automatic triggering from external sensors (optional).

Alert lab – e.Coli analyser

The fluidion™ ALERT LAB performs the same type of bacterial analysis as the ALERT System, except for the automatic sampling function. The ALERT LAB is highly portable, works on battery, and can be use in almost any setting: in the trunk of a car, on a beach, in a boat, lab or office. The ALERT LAB can perform up to six independent measurements in parallel, and it sends data in real time to a central server. Automatic alerts can be generated automatically (by e-mail or SMS text message).

Alert V2  E.Coli system

The ALERT V2, is the latest iteration of the popular ALERT in-situ E.Coli system.  These systems implement reactions with chemical reagents and bio-reagents, as well as optical analysis, in order to perform microbiological (E.Coli, Total Coliforms). In particular, the fluidion™ analyzers enable complete analysis protocols, allowing the device to obtain the same accuracy as classical laboratory measurements.  The V2, incorporates disposable reagent cartridges which makes bank side servicing much simpler, improves accuracy and repeatability.  The V2, also allows connection of third part water quality sensors such as conductivity, pH, Do etc.

Alert One

The Fluidion® ALERT One is a handheld, autonomous analyser for the rapid quantification of E.coli bacteria anywhere in the world. Performing all measurement and quantification operations internally and powered from a USB-C port.  Measurements are displayed on the built in screen with no requirement for internet access.  The ALERT One uses powder reagents with extended shelf life.

ALERT One can be rapidly deployed in remote areas to assess water quality, including as an emergency response unit in disaster relief efforts. It is ideal for monitoring water distribution infrastructure, recreational waters, and for citizen science projects. It can even act as a personal water quality monitor!

Chemical Analyser

The in-line Chemical Analyzer from fluidion is a unique highly miniaturized system capable of performing multi-parameter chemical analysis of drinking water using approved chemistry protocols and the latest microfluidic technology, in a fully autonomous and unattended manner. The system uses only microliters of sample for each measurement, which allows it to operate continuously for weeks while generating minimal waste. It can log the pH of water and accurately quantify a number of chemical compounds such as Chlorine, Nitrites, and/or Ortho- phosphates, sending data wirelessly to the operator cell phone and remote cloud and/or client-based servers.

Coastal Sampler

The Coastal Sampler was developed at the request of professionals in the fields of oceanography and limnology, and is optimized for the rapid collection of large-volume samples, including associated suspended solid matter. It can acquire up to 14 independent 500mL samples at depths from surface to 100 meters. By implementing a novel patent-pending sampling mechanism based on vacuum reservoir drive, the Coastal Sampler does not require a pump, thus entirely eliminating cross-contamination issues.

Fluidion Drone

The FLUIDION DRONE is a navigational platform which allows remotely-controlled water analysis and pollution source identification. The drone is equipped with water depth sensing, real-time video feed for safe maneuvering in hard-to-reach areas, and powerful thrusters for fast mission deployments in lakes, rivers and coastal waters. An optional depth profiler completes the payload package. The DRONE collects real-time GPS-tagged sensor data to generate pollution maps and guide sampling operations, and is able to acquire multiple grab samples at surface or depth for rapid field testing and/or subsequent laboratory analysis.

Deep Water Sampler

The Deep Water Sampler allows up to 26 grab samples to be collected at depths of 300m (shallow), 1500m (deep), 3000m (ultra-deep) or 6000m (extreme) using miniaturized peristaltic pump (PP) technology. Specifically designed as a modular system for easy fitting onto any glider or in the payload bay of an AUV or ROV, the Deep Water Sampler is a first for autonomous underwater vehicles: returning in-situ samples to surface allows for subsequent lab analysis (complete fingerprinting of hydrocarbon traces, full ocean chemistry, biology) and verification of inline sensor measurements. Being pressure-balanced, the entire system maintains constant buoyancy throughout the deployment.

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