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Location: Surrey UK


Located in central southern England, Planet Ocean Ltd specialises in the provision of high quality, marine scientific instruments for research, survey and operations support.

Planet Ocean represents some of the world’s foremost manufacturers of “gold Standard” oceanographic, hydrographic & meteorological equipment.

We are also engaged in the design and manufacture of our own range of instrumentation, and bespoke environmental monitoring systems particularly databuoys, GPS tracking systems and telemetry using satellite or GPRS.

Location: Victoria Australia


Analite stands for innovative and practical turbidity and surface tension measuring instruments. Over the last few years Analite has become a leader in the field of turbidity measurement as well as simple but accurate laboratory measurement of fluid surface tension.

Location: Victoria B.C Canada


ASL Environmental Sciences is a world class company with more than 30 years of experience in oceanographic, acoustic and ice research services. They provide acoustic ice keel profilers, and acoustic water column profilers.

Location: Porchester, UK


ASV Ltd is a UK company and part of Global Fusion, a privately owned international marine services group based in Lafayette, Louisiana, USA.

ASV Ltd design and construct unmanned marine vehicle systems for commercial, government and military customers. Formed in 1998, ASV provides rugged, reliable and effective unmanned systems using innovative technology.

The company employs a range of experienced and professional engineers to provide products in the following four areas:

  • Science and Survey
  • Oil and Gas
  • Marine Targets
  • Military and Security

Location: Germany


Kiel based CONTROS Systems & Solutions GmbH develops, produces and markets in-situ underwater sensor systems to detect hydrocarbons (e.g. methane), CO2, dissolved oxygen, Total Alkalinity, pH and fully integrated systems down to full ocean depth to gather the most efficient and reliable data in any condition and in combination with data logging and software solutions.

The company’s products have been used worldwide since 2006 for scientific campaigns in the field of climate studies, methane hydrate research, air-sea exchange and ocean acidification, CO2 sequestration applications (CCS), fish farming and limnology, long term investigation of oceans, lakes and rivers.

Location: Ontario, Canada


Deep Trekker’s mission is simple: they want to give anyone on the earth an opportunity to explore the depths of the vast oceans, seas, lakes, or rivers with an ROV.

The DeepTrekker range of small but powerful ROV’s have been designed with the mission in mind, and incorporate several unique features that not only make the vehicles perform better but more reliable, lighter, 4mm diameter, low drag tether, and simpler to operate. On board batteries, negate the need for a bulky surface power supply, and a patented pitching system, means only two thrusters are required. The Vehicles provide users with a choice of features and accessories to accommodate multiple missions.

Location: Brugge Belgium


dotOcean stands for the connection between the internet and the offshore industry.

The company provides sophisticated automated tools for support of dredge operations, both pre- during and post.

They offer three main instruments for assessing sediment density, shear strength, fluid mud and consolidated mud boundaries, navigable channel and hard bottom detection.

Location: Surrey UK


ecoSUB Robotics Ltd are a sister company to Planet Ocean Ltd, established to develop , manufacture and support the ecoSUB range of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV) developed jointly by Planet Ocean and the National Oceanography Centre.

Location: Camberley Surrey.


Elkins Oceanic Services Ltd are precision engineers specialising in underwater mechanical technology.  Their deep ocean swivels and push corers are no compromise designs for extreme environments.  Elkins was purchased by Planet Ocean Ltd in July 2014 and now operate as a subsidiary of Planet Ocean Ltd  from its Surrey base.

Location: Pocasset, MA USA


EOM Offshore are a spin-out Company from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) with patented mooring solutions which solve the problems associated with getting power to and data from seabed mounted packages and surface buoys. EOM also offer LinePak acoustic release recovery system, Universal Joints for buoy moorings, and customized seabed nodes.

Location: Maine USA


Since 1999, Fluid Imaging Technologies has manufactured FlowCAM®, the world leader in imaging particle analyzers. The FlowCAM was the first automated particle analysis instrument to use digital imaging to rapidly measure size and shape of microscopic particles in a fluid medium. FlowCAM is used globally by marine and freshwater researchers to image, count, identify and classify microorganisms and particulates. With applications in oceanographic research, municipal water, pharmaceutical formulations, chemicals, biofuels and many other markets, FlowCAM continues to lead the way in imaging particle analysis.

Location: Paris France


fluidion™ is a high-technology company providing innovative autonomous sampling and measurement solutions for environmental monitoring applications including E.Coli. fluidion™ addresses the pollution monitoring and water quality markets, from the urban setting (drinking water, rain water and sanitation) to the natural environment (lakes, rivers, coastal waters and ocean waters), to large industrial sites (chemical facilities and nuclear plants).

Location: Genova Italy


Gabri are the designers and builders of the revolutionary SeaStick AUV. This advanced concept Autonomous Underwater Vehicle, can carry multiple payloads, and can be used in teherred (ROV) mode or fully autonomous. A unique feature of SeaStick is its variable pitch thrusters which allows it to hover, transverse vertically, and to station keep.

Location: Norway


Planet Ocean are pleased to partner with Kongsberg Maritime to offer their K-Lander and K-Observer products to the UK and Ireland. The K-Lander seabed observatory is the core of the KONGSBERG Modular Subsea Monitoring-Network (MSM). K-Lander can operate for up to 24 months on the seabed with minimal intervention..

Location: Yorktown Virginia USA


Marine Sonic Technology are part of the ATLAS North America group of companies, and specialise in cost effective high resolution imaging sonar systems for defence, first responder and commercial use. Offering both towed and integrated systems using adaptive CHIRP technology.  Their innovative ARC Explorer mk-II offers the highest resolution side scan sonar system currently available.

Location: Great Village, Nova Scotia Canada


Ocean Sonics was formed out of Instrument Concepts in the spring of 2012, to concentrate on the design and manufacture of Smart Hydrophones.  With growing interest in the health of the oceans, and in using the oceans to produce energy, the need to understand and measure human effects on the ocean is rising.
Measuring ocean sounds is becoming an important part of meeting new legislation introduced in Europe and North America intended to protect the oceans as development rises.
Ocean Sonics makes a new class of product that measures ocean sounds and helps provide greater insight into those sounds, introducing you to a better way to listen in the ocean.

Location: Delft Netherlands


Radac are a Dutch company, based in Delft. Since 1996, they have developed and manufactured the WaveGuide. This high quality radar system monitors waves, tide and water levels. Ii is compact, robust and easy to install. Systems are available with intrinsically safe certification, with directional wave capability, and also for installation on ships or floating platforms.

Location: Halifax Nova Scotia


ROMOR Ocean Solutions provides international technical services and integrated instrumentation solutions for the ocean surveying and oceanographic industries.
With more than 25 years of experience, ROMOR has the capability to bring together the technical knowledge and expertise with specialized instrumentation to provide a complete solution that has been customized to satisfy the client’s application and requirements.

Location: Bellevue – WA.


Now part of the SeaBird Scientific Group, Satlantic was founded in 1990 by Dr. Marlon Lewis of Dalhousie University to satisfy the emerging need for precision optical sensors for ocean colour satellite calibration and validation research. Satlantic’s optical sensor product line evolved from the original ocean colour radiometers to full optical profiling and surface acquisition systems.

Location: Bellevue – WA, Philomath – OR, Halifax – NS


Sea-Bird Scientific is the world’s largest developer and manufacturer of products for the measurement of salinity, temperature, pressure, dissolved oxygen, fluorescence, nutrients and related oceanographic parameters in marine waters. 

Sea-Bird Scientific comprises, Sea-Bird Electronics, WET Labs & Satlantic.

Location: Location: Dexter, Michigan USA


SeaView Systems, Inc was founded on experience in the world of maritime electronics and Remotely Operated Vehicles. Their SVS-630 Wave sensor and logger is based upon their knowledge of Inertial Navigation Systems (INS) and the advancement of over 50 ROV Projects resulting in a portfolio of OEM components for ROV systems including video drivers, light controllers and multiplexors.

Location: Bellevue Washington USA


For two decades, Sequoia Scientific, Inc. in Bellevue, WA, has been the world’s only manufacturer of portable, field, and submersible laser particle sizers. The trademark “LISST laser particle sizers are a standard in most parts of the world. LISSTs are used for environmental monitoring, industrial, and scientific applications across the globe: The unique submersible LISSTs help engineers, scientists, and monitoring agencies reliably measure the concentration and size of sediment, plankton and oil droplets in any water body.

Location: Reykjavik Iceland


Star-Oddi offers a wide range of environmental research equipment such as fish archival tags, small CTD logger (salinity logger), submersible temperature and depth loggers, and other underwater data loggers with sensors including salinity, temperature, depth, pitch and roll, known for their small size, accuracy and reliability. Star-Oddi also makes accurate underwater temperature recorders and tilt loggers that are used as fish tags, oceanographic instruments as well as in diverse industries.

Location: Philomath Oregon USA


Now part of the SeaBird Scientific Group, WET Labs, are dedicated to developing and manufacturing underwater instrumentation to detect vital biological, chemical and geological parameters and processes of the earth’s oceans, lakes and streams.
Their leading edge underwater sensors include fluorometers, transmissometers, scattering sensors, and spectrophotometers that reliably provide accurate data about the Inherent Optical Properties of the aquatic environment.

Location: Halifax Nova Scotia


Xeos is a leading technology firm created by visionary engineers with a passion for excellence. Xeos prides itself on a pioneer mentality, always striving to create superior technological solutions to tracking and telemetry problems. They design and manufacture application specific telemetry and data collection products for environmental researchers, wildlife researchers and operational personnel. Our customers require reliable and innovative solutions to track, monitor and control in harsh environments.

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