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Discover the Marine Sonic range

Ultra High Resolution Side Scan Sonars and Altimeters.

Customers include First Responders, Federal Agencies, all Military services, the Coast Guard, State and Local Governments, Colleges and Universities and finally most Underwater Surveyors, Archeologists and Treasure Hunters.

Sea Scan ARC Hunter ultra-long range

The ARC Hunter Product Line of Heavy Duty Towed Systems are designed to address the demanding requirements of deep water survey operations Hunter’s low frequency Adaptive CHIRP Technology enables industry leading range performance, while maintaining Marine Sonic’s high resolution image quality The adaptive CHIRP technology provides the highest imaging quality possible from a side scan sonar and supports ranges up to 60 greater than non CHIRP systems Developed around this technology, Hunter Towed Systems achieve ranges beyond 500 meters per side and reaching at least 1000 m in swath under real world conditions.

Sea Scan ARC explorer MKII

The ARC Explorer Mk II is the newest generation of Marine Sonic’s towed side scan sonar designed for search, survey, and recovery applications. The Adaptive CHIRP Technology provides the highest imaging quality possible from a side scan sonar and supports ranges up to 60% greater than non-Adaptive CHIRP systems. The high resolution imaging and simultaneous dual frequency operation in conjunction with a fully adjustable tow point and transducer angle make it an ideal tool for survey and infrastructure inspection applications that require a high level of flexibility. The rugged construction and a 300m depth rating in a one-man portable system more than fulfill the needs of the search & recovery and security communities.

Sea Scan Arc Explorer

The Sea Scan ARC Explorer tow fish is constructed using hard anodized billet aluminum, stainless steel, and durable polymers. It features a built in Variable Angle Tow Point for ultimate imaging flexibility. Field replaceable transducers allow the user to quickly adapt the sonar to various conditions without compromising range or resolution. Up to four frequencies can be installed on the same tow fish at any time. Modular construction minimizes the maintenance costs and maximizes upgrade capability.

Sea Scan ARC scout MKII

The Scout MK-II is the next evolutionary leap in technological advancement when it comes to micro embedded modular side scan sonar systems. The Scout MK-II is the smallest, lightest, fastest, and quite possibly the least expensive side scan sonar on the market today utilizing Adaptive CHIRP technology. The Scout MK-II can fit in the smallest of AUV’s using embedded processing, superior front end filtering, and highly integrated circuitry. It will give you back that precious payload space all while rendering the most beautiful images with up to .4cm of resolution.The future of embedded side scan sonar is now in Scout MK-II.

Sea scan echo

The ECHO is an ultra compact single beam sonar designed for small Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) and Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs). The system’s long range and high precision make it an ideal tool for underwater altitude and distance measurement. Further, an imaging version is available that can be utilized for simplified bottom profiling and obstacle avoidance. The modular design of the Echo minimizes the mechanical footprint needed for the system integration and its filtering capabilities reduces noise effects maximizing system performance while using less power.

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