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Discover the Radac range

Highly accurate Radac wave radar. Fixed, underway and directional systems

Our highly accurate wave radar has proven itself for over 20 years. This easy to use, reliable and robust sensor is particularly suited for the extreme conditions offshore.

Radac waveguide radar wave sensor

The WaveGuide Height & Tide accurately measures wave height and tide. The new WaveGuide is the latest and most technically advanced radar from Radac. This accurate wave monitoring system is an easy to use, reliable and robust device to measure freeboard, wave height and wave period.

Radac waveguide, directional radar wave sensor

With an array of three radars the elevations of the sea surface is measured at three positions. Knowing the slopes and the phase relations, the directional spectrum can be accurately calculated. Radac is the only company that brings this technology to the market.

Radar wave sensor – UPS and telemetry system

A key requirement at very remote locations is data availability and independence of both the power supply and telemetry systems. The RADAC WaveGuide is a very robust package mechanically and electrically.

Radac on board shipborne radar wave sensor

The Onboard wave radar, mostly installed on the bow of the ship, measures the distance to the water surface. The distances measured have to be compensated for the vertical motions of the radar itself. Hence, a motion sensor is incorporated into the radar unit.

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