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Discover the Analite range

Digital turbidity probes and Sensors for water quality applications.

Solutions beyond expectations. That’s what sets Observator apart.

NEP-5000TPS Turbidity & Pressure Sensor

The ANALITE NEP5000 series of digital turbidity probes are designed for monitoring and process applications where turbidity levels of up to 5,000NTU may be encountered. Standard ranges are 20NTU, 400NTU, 1,000NTU, and 3,000NTU with custom ranges available.

NEP-5000-Link Handheld recording Tu system

The NEP-5000-LINK is a portable turbidity hand held that combines a high accuracy NEP-5000 sensor with a Bluetooth and power interface along with an intuitive Android Application. The NEP-5000-LINK offers unparalleled sensor accuracy, simple operation, and an unbeatable price.

NEP-595 self recording turbidity sensor

The Analite NEP-595 turbidity probes will log turbidity in a sturdy self-contained package that is easy to set up and easy to selectively download the data collected. The NEP-595 is an all-in-one device that contains a configurable SDI-12 data logger and rechargeable battery designed for long-term operation.

The integrated NEP-5000 turbidity probe can be removed for maintenance and calibration.

The system operates at depths up to 50 metres and can be ordered with temperature logging and solar power input as an option.

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