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Discover the Sidus range

Advanced camera, lights, lasers pan & tilt and rotator technology.

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Protecting the health, safety and productivity of workers.

For real time, 24/7 observation and data recording, SIDUS brings superior solutions to your design and application requirements. We provide Solutions on Target!


From still photography to high-definition video streaming, SIDUS has developed an extensive line of subsea and topside cameras for all of your imaging needs. Our high resolution cameras can capture even the most intricate details, in the most difficult environments.


SIDUS’ lighting solutions provide outstanding brightness and luminance for underwater video and photography, as well as many topside functions. Our high efficiency LED lights offer the perfect illumination for a vast array of applications.


SIDUS offers a line of compact, affordable laser projectors. Our laser series are available in green or red, line or point options. SIDUS products are designed to withstand some of the most challenging environments on the planet, while bringing you the results you need.

Pan and Tilt

The Sidus underwater pan and tilt units are designed to be modular & use high-quality precision bearings, low backlash gears and motors. The high output brushless, synchronous motors operate reliably even after thousands of cycles.

Inspection systems

As a leader in imaging products and technology, SIDUS has developed a variety of inspection systems for deepwater, shipboard, towed, industrial, petrochemical or nuclear applications. We understand harsh environments and it is our mission to deliver products that improve safety, efficiency and ease of operation in challenging settings.


The SS201 monitor and control station encompasses all the necessary power conditioning, feature controls and remote connections required to operate the SSI inspection systems and components. Uses include topside dive control consoles, anchor monitoring, pipe inspection, BOP controls, etc..


Whether using IP or analog cameras, SIDUS can provide you with monitors of various sizes, to operate in a variety of settings. Monitors are available with hyper dimming technology, with a dim-to-black backlight control, when day-to-night applications are required.

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